I appreciate everyone’s comments on the previous post; the input from everyone had me thinking about certain aspects of the skin tone issue that I did not address—such as the comment about how skin tone does play a role in beauty.
But on another note, I previously said I would address the black male perspective on the issue of light skinned vs. dark skinned and what they are attracted to. But, one person’s about the same skin color issue in the Indian culture, and I just really wanted to address that; because this blog is supposed to be about race and its relation to gender, so I think I should start covering a larger range of race issues.
When I read freemyeyes’ comment about light skin being preferred in the Indian culture, I immediately think of this lighten cream that my mom constantly tries to get me to use-don’t think she’s got a problem with my skin tone or anything, she just wants me to even out my skin tone. But the cream is called Fair and Lovely, you can actually see it in the video from Aljazeera. It’s a lightning cream used most often in Asian countries like Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Middle East, and several countries in North and East Africa. All of my extended family uses it; they buy it by the cartons, it’s a bit OD.
So in short, I looked up some videos dealing with skin tone in India and how much substance it has in the hierarchy of Indian society. The video I found is kind of long so feel free to stop short, but if you would really like to be enlightened, watch the whole thing and put your two cents in.
The video is from Aljazeera so it’s pretty legit. They are one of the best news networks that deliver news with as little bias as possible. Thanks freemyeyes!


2 thoughts on “WANTED: LIGHT SKIN

  1. personally i think that beauty comes in all races and people should be happy with the skin tone that they have. they should embrace it and love it and flaunt it. isnt it weird that darker skinned people try to lighten their skin, and light skinned people go tanning? nobody is satisfied, and the grass is always greener on the other side.

  2. Interesting what Chillwithsam said about light skin girls going tanning. i bet a lot of white girls would say they wish they had darker skin. hmm…and there are so many different kinds of complexion that people try to fix with cream/makeup. For example, scandinavian girls who have reddish-cheeks. These girls find powders/creams that try to do away with the color. My skin gets red and when i was in junior-high i used to try and cover it up because i was self concious…but now i don’t care and i just let it be as red as it wants. The other day someone asked me if i was wearing blush and i said no…and they said that i was really lucky to have such naturally colored cheeks. YAY! yea everyone wants what they don’t have…so we should all just embrace what we have!!

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